Recessed Ceiling Downlight RCD-361 04 Chrome

Recessed Ceiling Downlight RCD-361 04 Chrome
Item# DDT361-04

Product Description

Recessed Ceiling Downlight RCD-361 04 Chrome
The RCD-361 Ceiling Downlight features several options for trim rings, baffles and decorative inserts, which makes this collection a perfect light for specifiers.The RCD-361 is designed to be used with the following housings:

FDN-3R 3 Remodeling Housing Line Voltage
FDN-3N 3 New Construction Housing Line Voltage
FDN-3IC 3 Insulated Housing Low Voltage
FDL-3R 3 Remodeling Housing Low Voltage
FDL-3N 3 New Construction Housing Low Voltage

MR16 12V/50Watts Halogen Light Bulb
MR16 12V/50Watts Xenon Light Bulb
GU10 120V/50Watts Halogen Light Bulb
GU10 120V/50Watts Xenon Light Bulb
Led MR16 12V/5Watts Led Light Bulb
Led GU10 120V/5Watts Led Light Bulb

* For use in Residential and Commercial applications

* UL approved

* Can be used with High-Powered LED bulbs

* If you would like to make this downlight DIMMABLE with our LED MR16 12V/5Watts, here are the LED Drivers you can use: Led Dimmable Driver 36W/12V, Led Dimmable Driver 60W/12V, Led Dimmable Driver 240W/12V.