Item# EL-C01

Product Description

Technical Features:
  • Dimensions: 1 1/4”(width) x 1/4” (height) x “Length” (L = 12” or 20” or 39”)
  • Materials: Aluminum extrusion with black plastic end caps, Acrylic Lens.
  • Light Source: High Brightness SMD3528 LED
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C - Indoors
  • Warranty: 2 year with proper installation and power supply
  • Installation: 2 Mounting Clips and 2 M3.0 screws make it easy to install
  • Color Temp.: 3000k - Warm White
  • Number of Led's: L1-12": 42 led's; L2-20": 72 led's; L3-39": 144 led's
  • Voltage: 24Volts
  • Power: 12"/3Watts; 20"/5Watts; 39"/11Watts
  • Luminous Flux: 12"/200lm; 20"/350lm; 39"/700lm.
  • Current: 0.18A
  • Power supply: Indicated at the bottom of the page

  • Led Linear Undercabinet Light Parts:

    1) EL-24W-24V-U: FL-24W-24V-U PLUG-IN 24 WATTS.
    2) EL-CONN-WIRE: Joiner Connector (40” wire). Included
    3) EL-CABLE-RE: Power Feed (48” wire lead w/ connector).
    4) EL-CORN: 90Ί Corner Connector.
    5) EL-CONN-MINI: Straight Connector. Included
    6) EL-CLIP: Mounting Clip. Included.

    Euro Lightings' EL-C01 Led Linear Undercabinet Light is an excellent choice for illuminating undercabinets, showcases, closets, or anywhere a low-profile light source is needed. This extremely thin Led Linear Undercabinet Light source is made from aluminum construction with a patented optical system for optimum light distribution.

    With the use of connectors, several light bars can be joined together, for a beautiful continuous light. The fixture comes with a Straight Connector (Part #5), for joining two bars together, 40” Wire Connector (Part #2), for joining two bars together, as well as Aluminum Mounting Clips (Parts #6).

    A 90Ί Corner Connector (Part #4), Power Feed Wire Connector (48”) for remote transformer (Part #3), and 24W Plug-in Transformer with 6ft wire leads (Part #1) are also available, but sold separately.

    The EL-CO1 operates at 24VDC. It can be made dimmable using Euro Lightings' Dimmable Power Supplies. The single Led Linear Undercabinet Light comes in three different sizes (L1-12"; L2-20”; L3-39”). When using the live end connector, please add 1 ½” to the length of the fixture.

    When the parts are used, add the following measurements to the length of the light:

    1 1/2": when using the EL-CORN
    5/8": when using the EL-CONN-MINI
    3": when using the EL-CABLE-RE