FDN-3N 3" New Construction Housing Line Voltage

FDN-3N 3" New Construction Housing Line Voltage
Item# FDN-3N

Product Description

Small aperture housing for providing accent and task lighting, Using twist and lock JDR 50W lamps. Housing Features lntegral thermal protector guards against misuse of Insulation materals and Improper lamping. -Junction Box is listed for through branch circuit wiring and has three 1.12" knockouts and four Romex knockouts with true pry out slots. Romex pryouts lnclude built in strain relief and require no additional clamps. -Pre-lnstalled,captive bar hangers allow housing to be positioned at any point within a 24" Joist span Scote lines provided for easy field shortening for 12" Joists. Unique arrowhead design provldes Nalless installation Bar hangers can be repositioned 90 without tools, Hangers fit onto T-Bar spline for quick alignement and can be permantly secured with optional T-Bar clip. Installalion Features 5 1/2" height allows use In 2"x6"joist construction -Houslng can be removed from plaster frame for junction box access LISTINGS -UL Damp Location -UL Feed Through -ETL Certified -CETL Certified -CUL Feed Through

Can be used with:

MR16 12V/5Watts Halogen Light Bulb
MR16 12V/5Watts Xenon Light Bulb
GU10 120V/50Watts Halogen Light Bulb
GU10 120V/50Watts Xenon Light Bulb
Led MR16 12V/5Watts Led Light Bulb
Led GU10 120V/5Watts Led Light Bulb